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Damien Durandt, the first born son of legendary boxing trainer Nick Durandt, was born into the world of gloves & knockouts. From a young age he found himself at boxing bouts, holding the bucket & walking fighters out with their belts. 

At the age of fourteen he was granted a Seconds License to work the corner, alongside the :emend himself during professional fights. He found himself travelling the world with his father for championship fights. He was coached by the best in the business & has gained the experience that most trainers and managers would take a lifetime to accumulate. 

In May 2016 Nick announced his retirement to the sport. Damien decided to continue the professional boxing legacy and prove that the passion, love and drive for the sport was one hundred percent in the blood. Since taking over the family business, he  has produced over 15 champions and continues to showcase the Durandt talent and flare in the industry.

Apart from the professional managing and training of his boxers, you can find him in the gym training the public & sharing his knowledge of the sport. 

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